The Best Bear Hugs Ever

About the Author and the Story

The Best Bear Hugs Ever is inspired by my two children. I often said to myself that my children gave the best hugs ever. Seeing my children surprised and happy when I come home to the point where they drop anything they are doing, run straight to me and give me a great big hug. I just don’t know of any hugs that feel warmer, softer, and more lovable than these hugs. But I also thought that every parent probably feels the same way. From these thoughts, I came up with The Best Bear Hugs Ever.

The Best Bear Hugs Ever is a bout a parent who visits the zoo. His goal is to visit the bears so that he can experience the best bear hugs ever. However, on his way to see the bears, all the other animal tells the parent he doesn’t need to see the bears because their baby animal gives the best bear hugs. Well, of course, after hugging all the different animals, the parent never does find the best bear hugs ever. That is, until he gets home, opens the front door, and his child is there to give him the best bear hug ever!

The story changed a little bit from the original writing of The Best Bear Hugs Ever. The first change made was adding additional animals to the story. After that, clues were added about which animal the parent would see next. This allows your child to guess the animal that is next. If one looks carefully at the illustrations, you’ll see something different about the child in the story. The child is wearing a hearing aid. This is representative of my children. I have a daughter who was born deaf and a son who has profound hearing loss.  The last major change was adding the certificate of recognition for giving the best bear hugs ever at the end of the book. I feel this is a nice opportunity for parents or grandparents to formally recognize that their child/grandchild give the best bear hugs ever.

About Myself:

I believe I’ve always had a bit of a creative and entrepreneurial mindset. When I was in middle school, I would earn money mowing lawns. This continued throughout high school and into college. In my high school days, sports cards were very popular, and I would purchase a table at card shows to buy, sell, and trade baseball cards. In college, I got a degree in Landscape Architecture. A rewarding degree that allowed me to design residential and commercial landscapes.

Occasionally, I’ll get a product idea or a book idea pop into my head and I try to write the idea down before I forget. While the ideas are many, it wasn’t until I came up with The Best Bear Hugs Ever, that I decide to go all the way from an idea to an award-winning book available for purchase. This journey reminds me of an old Beatles song that says, “life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.” This is very true. I never thought that I would ever write a children’s book, but, I did. I guess you never know how the vast array of experiences and vast array of knowledge, might someday be used. In my case, it brought me the opportunity to share The Best Bear Hugs Ever with all of you.

I hope you enjoy The Best Bear Hugs Ever. One can download a free sample of The Best Bear Hugs Ever at TheBestBearHugsEver.com. Taking the opportunity to share this story with your children or grandchildren is sure to bring many smiles, many hugs, and many bear hug memories.

Thank you and best hugs,

Scott Washburn


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Scott Washburn




Illustrated by Laura Liberatore



Original Music composed by Lucas Denzer


About the Composer

Lucas is a Seattle-based composer for film and media. He is strongly inspired and influenced by music from the world of film and television, most notably the contemporary works of Thomas Bergersen, Michael Giacchino, and Barrage to name only a few. He has a decade of experience writing music for a broad range of media and art projects composing original music for the following: 
- Feature documentaries
- Short films
- Commercial spots
- Political campaigns
- Corporate and non-profit advertisements and internal content
- Children's books

- Live dance
- Cues for algorithm-driven music apps
- Music placements on NBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, PBS, and WE